Effortless focus is a way of being. Attention Dynamics is a simple, elegant way to shift your state of mind into quiet concentration or restful, rejuvenating calm—quickly and easily. Quieting the mind lets you give complete attention to your work, your life, or being with people you care about. Attention Dynamics offers you direct access to advanced brain-management skills that are similar to ancient Buddhist practices, but based on modern psychological innovation.

Attention Dynamics offers one-day professional and corporate trainings on The Quietly-Focused Mind, designed to enhance creativity and productivity; Owning the Room, with precise tools for connecting powerfully with an audience; Making Mindful Connections, designed for direct contact with customers or the public; and a six-week program on Mindfulness for the Workplace designed for improving workplace relations through stress reduction. Individual one-on-one follow-up coaching programs are available for each program. To schedule a training for your company contact us at info@attentiondynamics.com

Glenn Hartelius, PhD

Founder, Attention Dyamics®